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Multi Spindle Heads

Multi-Spindle Heads
Adjustable and fixed multi-spindle drilling and tapping attachments provide additional versatility for new or existing Airmachines self-feed units....
Air Motors

Air Motors
For drilling machines, conveyors, mixing processes, pumps, de-burring, rotary brushes, almost any machine that requires a rotary power...
Self-Feed Units

Self-Feed Units
For all your automated drilling and tapping requirements. Combines a motor with a double acting, self lubricating cylinder into a clean line....
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Online Catalog  
Online Catalog
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Repair Center  
Repair Center
We offer repair services from our
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www99pj8.com is a manufacturer of air motors and self-feed drill units.
www99pj8.com is an authorized repair center for what were formerly CompAir tools.

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